Consistency — not big hits — might just be your recipe

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You aren’t going to earn $3000 per month on Medium.

I know we all see those outlier stories of writers making pretty good money. Most writers on Medium don’t crack $100 in any month. You might not even clear $50 even with 30 articles published.

Don’t worry…keep writing. Don’t try to make some 10,000-clap viral story. Until you get good, you won’t be able to do that very often. If you get a couple of those, fine, but you don’t need them to make money with your writing on Medium.

Instead, what you need are several articles that pull in…

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Sometimes the brain needs a break to work its magic.

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I was just reading some fiction I wrote in 2012, and I realized that I’m decent at writing action but I’m terrible at writing character interactions. I mean some of the scenes I read were absolutely rancid. The stink bled off from the page and scared my brain.

Some time ago, I stopped writing fiction. There are several reasons why I stopped, but one of them was that I figured I wasn’t any good at it. Looking back at my old writing, I can see why I thought that. I published some short stories and novellas to Amazon KDP but…

Years of study led me down the only possible path. Part 6 of…

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After being raised in the church and then growing out of it, I still held on to my belief in the supernatural for a long time. I left Christianity before I abandoned the idea of gods altogether. I’m going to run through how that happened, both so that I can keep these memories alive in my head and also maybe help you along the way as you figure things out for yourself.

I don’t care for religion at all. In fact, I think it’s bad for humanity. Spirituality, on the other hand, is a different case. After leaving religion, I…

Caleb Rogers

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