Why this nihilistic view is dangerous and dumb

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I’ve heard this a lot — that the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are that same thing. Two sides of the same coin. Eating two sides of the same crap sandwich. They’re both part of the ruling class. …

Human beings are on the verge of living a freer and more purposeful existence

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Over the course of my life I went from child, to Church of Christ attendee, to Christian, to disillusioned Christian, to a weird agnostic-theist hybrid, and then to atheist. …

It’s a bold accusation… let’s see where it takes us

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Not too long ago, I got a letter in the mail. In that overall-unhinged letter was the accusation that the Democratic Party was super evil. Here, read for yourself.

“… you have associated yourself with the most dangerous political party in the history of this country. The democratic party [sic]…

Republicans like to call themselves conservative, but that’s not the reality they’ve shown us.

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Conservatives, as practitioners of the Republican political ideology, are afraid. I say this knowing full well that some conservative individuals are actually conservative and don’t approve of all the Republican Party leadership bullshit. I’m not talking about those types. I’m talking about how the Republican Party itself is not conservative…

Another Dunk Piece in the Mouth of Madness and From the Gates of Hell

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I had so much fun writing my last “dunk on the GOP” article, I thought I’d write another! I’m not a political scientist, an investigative journalist, or even an amateur political commentator. I’m just a guy who keeps smelling bullshit and I don’t want anyone to step in it.


It’s simple, but not always easy…

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How many times have you heard a YouTube finance personality recommend that you “pay yourself first?” I first heard it years ago, and it keeps coming up in videos, articles, and books. What I’ve seen too little of, though, is a deeper explanation of what that really means.

I remember…

Quality over quantity with a fine writing instrument in your hand

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If you don’t already, write with fountain pens. I’ve switched to them entirely, and would even now consider myself a pen snob. You won’t see me using any of those $0.10 Bic pens.

I’m not really sure why it’s called a fountain pen, to be honest. I see no fountain…

A practical lesson I learned on the way to middle age

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I’ve exercised most of my life. As a kid, I ran around constantly. Chasing, soccer, being chased, soldier, Lazer Tag (the original), or climbing every tree and rope I could find. I had some off-time because of life being life, but always got right back in the swing of things…

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