A Dark Song vs. From Black

Are they the same movie, or did the latter rip off from the former?

Caleb Rogers


Clearly different movie posters!

The movies are not the same, and one is not a rip-off of the other — A Dark Song and From Black. Sure, A Dark Song came first, released in 2016, but that doesn’t mean From Black (2023) ripped it off.

I saw A Dark Song a couple of years ago, having picked it out of the streaming service carousel of movie posters, and loved it. Earlier this year, I opened Shudder and one of their new releases caught my eye. I loved it, and it was From Black. Never, at any point while watching the movie, did I say, “They just stole this idea from that other movie.” I didn’t say that because it’s not true.

The movies are very similar, but I’ll get into why that doesn’t matter in just a minute. A quote on the IMDB page for From Black led me to think about comparing these two movies — and ultimately pen this. It’s great.

“An utterly incompetent ripoff of one of the most quietly brilliant horror movies ever made…” and then, “From Black is such an obvious ripoff of A Dark Song it’s embarrassing.” Evanlanglyvfx said, as he rated the movie 1/10.

In case you’re new here, this will contain spoilers.

The two movies’ similarities are:

· A mother who lost her son

· Ancient magic

· A man who knows the ancient magic

· Asking a supernatural entity for something

· Secluded house

· Dark, creepy atmosphere — sound design, cinematography, etc.

· Ritual that is hard on our protagonist

· Man dies during ritual

That’s a serious list of similarities. I’d say it’s even enough to begin to think that one movie was heavily influenced by the other. If you think about it another way… war movies set in the modern era all contain firearms, so they’re all just a rip-off of the first one. Do you see how silly that sounds?

The two movies are not the same, and I’ll just point out a few of the highlights here.

A Dark Song is told linearly, whereas From Black starts toward the end of the story and jumps back in segments…



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