Are You too Old to Become a Software Developer?

What do you think…are you too old?

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Are you too old to become a software developer? If you’re old and asking yourself that question, the short answer is no. As long as you can still breathe and use your brain, you can learn how to write software. You can even make money doing it.

Do you think you’re too old to learn new things? You’re not.

Do you think you’re too old to get a job with young whippersnapper engineers? You’re not.

Are you too old to go back to school? Nope, and that’s not even the only path you can take to learn software engineering. You can watch YouTube tutorials (this guy is good), or take courses at Udemy, Udacity, or Lynda. You can even go to a coding bootcamp.

If you have any desire to learn how to code, no matter how close to the grave you might be, do it. The best thing that can happen is you’ll get a super sweet six figure salary job doing awesome work for an awesome company. The worst thing that will happen is you’ll learn something.

Either way and anywhere in between, I see only positives. When you learn to code, you don’t just learn how to make web pages move text from page to page, or how to move a pixel around a screen. You learn a large set of skills that benefit you in ways you may not even realize.

You learn creative problem solving. You learn that there’s more than one way to solve just about any problem. Algorithms are not only useful, but they are everywhere. And now you can see them. You’ll even learn all the intricacies of how computers and networks work.

Maybe you’ll learn some game development. Maybe some web development, or maybe you’ll take a deep dive into databases and data science.

You’ll learn a lot, and you’ll learn that you’re capable of learning so much more. So there’s really no excuse. You’re not too old, you’re not too slow, and the world needs more coders.

Now grab your walker and start learning to code!

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