Being Vegan is Actually Pretty Easy

It’s not really complicated at all.

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Photo by Megan Thomas on Unsplash

I could never give up (fill in the blank)

Usually, the blank is filled up with cheese. And I get that. When I was a meat-eater and even the entire time I was a vegetarian, string cheese was my go-to snack. I would eat three or four sticks at a time. I put cheese on almost everything.

So am I just supposed to eat raw kale and be all granola now?

You can eat raw kale if you want, but I prefer it cooked. Do you have any vegetables you know you like?

What about cravings for cakes, donuts, ice cream, and so on?

Indulging in decadent desserts is actually one of the easiest parts of eating a plant-based diet. There are delicious vegan options all over the place. Even rural stores are getting them, so Whole Foods in big-scary-cities isn’t your only option.

Are you a baby, or are you not a baby?

Adopting a healthy, plant-based diet boils down to one simple question. Are you a baby or not?

Technology professional in Hollywood, so naturally I also make terrible short films and tech videos.

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