How to Win at Life by Focusing on One Thing at a Time

Think you can do it all? Nope, you can’t.

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How to Chunk up Your Life

Let’s say you have a goal for yourself. An ideal lifestyle, ideal pay, ideal relationships, ideal level of raw sexual prowess…you get the idea. An ideal you.

Small Changes Turn into Big Results

Small changes, consistently applied, turn into big changes over time. It’s like compounded earnings. You add a little bit of money to your retirement account, consistently, and then over time, you end up with a lot of money (assuming the billionaire class didn’t raid anything or cause some crash so they can buy another yacht fleet).

Now Pick Another Thing

This is where it gets good. Now that you have a daily exercise habit or you’re eating more vegetables and your blood pressure is down and your doctor gives you a high five (virtual/air high five, because of COVID-19), pick another thing.

Technology professional in Hollywood, so naturally I also make terrible short films and tech videos.

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