The 2023 Republican Party is an Absolute Joke

Caleb Rogers
4 min readJun 13

Get things done? No… why would they bother with that?

Photo by Austin Lowman on Unsplash

The last several years have been hard on the Republican Party. 2023 might see the end of them. Ha! If only…

I still maintain that the GOP is dead, it just doesn’t know it yet, and I think we’re seeing it unravel in real time. Back in 2015–2016, I was telling friends that Trump would destroy the Republican Party. They were already a joke of a party, having no actual plan to do anything constructive, but as I watched them embrace Trump, I could tell the end was near.

Now that Donald has been indicted on charges that include violations of the Espionage Act, we get to see Republicans crumble live on TV. Or a few minutes after the fact, on TikTok.

It’s funny. All the GOP has to do is — as one unified party — publicly condemn Trump and distance themselves from him. Sure, he’s innocent until proven guilty, but by now most of us (and for sure all the GOP congressional leadership) have heard the tapes where he talks about committing crimes as he does them. Sure, these things are all alleged for now… but I think we all have a good idea of how this is going to play out.

So instead of unifying and standing up for the rule of law, Republicans are tripping over themselves trying to make excuses for Trump. Notice no lawyers are getting on the TV and presenting any form of actual legal defense. At least Bill Barr has publicly stated that if the allegations prove true, Trump is toast.

The Republican Party does not care about the rule of law. Which surprises no one. They’re doing everything they can to strip voting rights from citizens and install themselves as our rulers, even though:

A majority of America is opposed to them (this is factual, run the numbers if you have to).

They have nothing to offer.

They are obsessed with starting culture wars because they can only get votes from mad people.

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