The Babadook Came Knocking and I Let It In

I did let the right one in… and now it’s scaring me

Caleb Rogers


Dook. Dook. Dooooook…

A colleague introduced me to this movie, The Babadook, several years ago. Thanks, Steve! He told me about this cool Australian horror movie, that it was somewhat unique, and that I should watch it. Of course, I had to check it out!

Since then, I’ve watched it several times, and have thoroughly enjoyed each watch.

The Babadook has made it into popular culture, as a creature, and has been mentioned in the television show, What We Do in the Shadows, multiple times. According to what I could find on the internet about the subject, this creature was just invented by the writer, Jennifer Kent. Additionally, a Babadook is not based on some previous myth, legend, or creature. This movie only came out in 2014, so for it to penetrate popular culture so fast means it resonated with a wide audience.

According to the What We Do in the Shadows wiki, the creature makes two appearances. I remember one episode where Lazlo mentions some event (I forget what) that had several Babadooks. In the vampire orgy episode, one participant is mistaken for a Babadook — he looks just like one — but really is a Badabook. Such an easy mistake to make…

I love how the movie was so impactful that the creature made it into a comedic television show about vampires.

Let’s Go Through the Film

From the very first scene, you know you’re in for a good time. The movie starts off strong with a car accident scene, a closeup of our protagonist, Amelia, the car spinning, and then a nice transition to her in bed waking up to her son, Samuel, who has had another bad dream.

The boy, 6, has a bit of a behavior problem. He says things that come into his head with no filter, and he builds homemade weapons — a real-life favorite activity of many a boy-child — so he can protect his mom. As introduced, he’s a hyperactive and annoying child.

One thing you’ll notice as the story gets going is the animosity Amelia holds for her son. She doesn’t like his physical touch. Well, as the mouthy brat will tell someone he’s just met, his father died in a car accident…



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