The Republican Party is Dead Already — It Just Doesn’t Know it Yet

It will reap what it has sown. A balls-to-the-wall opinion piece from the gates of hell.

Caleb Rogers
8 min readAug 29, 2021


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The Republican Party, the good old GOP, is already dead. I’ve got some opinions about it, so here they are.

I was raised as a republican, the same way we bring a kid up in the religion of their parents. After that bullshit with Bush 2: The Sequel, I left and formally registered myself as an independent. Their decline started with the Tea Party nonsense (technically, I think it started when Christian Nationalists burrowed in a few decades ago), and then Trump burned the house down around himself.

Here are three points to illustrate why it’s okay for the Republican Party to die. I hope I make some people super angry! The dumb ones especially.

The GOP Has No Plan

The Republican Party has no plan to help the average American, and no plan to help solve any of the nation’s problems. One only has to look at all the speeches and campaign platforms to realize they just want to scare everyone into voting for them. Think back to all the speeches and platforms and try to figure out what they are going to do to help us all.

Every time I hear anything out of their mouths, it’s just all fear:

  • They’ll protect us from tyranny, but their version of tyranny is wearing masks and getting a vaccine.
  • They’ll stop “Democrats,” as if the political party itself were a threat as bad as those pesky foreign terrorists.
  • They’ll lower taxes for the wealthiest Americans and most powerful corporations, because that obviously helps the country, especially the lower economic classes. Nothing helps the poor like making rich people richer! If rich people can’t get richer, the poor will get poorer.
  • COVID-19 pandemic response and plan? Why have one when we can just kill off a bunch of people by doing nothing? Anyone who wants to stop us from doing nothing is a tyrant, so don’t vote for them!
  • Everyone is going to take all of your guns after kicking your door in and post-birth aborting your 22-year-old son, while simultaneously arresting every…



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