There’s Something Wrong with Philosophy — Logic Does Not Equal Fact

Debunking logical claims about the existence of deities

Caleb Rogers


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There is a book called Proof of God? Inquiries Into The Philosophy of Religion A Concise Introduction, and I’m going to tear it apart. This book was first written in 2011, and then updated in 2018, by my late father, Glenn Rogers. This will be a cathartic exercise for me, but it’s also an enlightening one.

Within the pages of this book, there are many problems. Oddly, these problems don’t exactly originate with religion, but trying to use the methods and logics of ancient and modern philosophy to prove the existence of a deity (and therefore the supernatural and all that goes with it)… This seems like an intellectually irresponsible thing to do, so I feel compelled to poke holes all through it.

This will be long and may convey context as well as it should throughout the entire piece. I didn’t feel like typing out multiples pages of quotes to give you the context.

And by way of disclaimer, I am not a philosopher. I’ve never taken a philosophy class, I’m not really interested in philosophy beyond the historical context (well… maybe a little stoicism in one’s life is beneficial, but we’ll see), and I have extensive religious experience. Professionally, I’m a software engineer, and it’s my job to find weaknesses in systems and to permanently fix them.

That’s what I’m going to do here — find weaknesses.


I’ll be going chapter by chapter, page by page, and commenting by page as necessary.

The book was mailed to me, uninvitedly, with a sticky-note affixed to the cover. I don’t have the note anymore, but it was basically: read this and come back to god.

We’ll start with the note affixed to the book. The goal is for me to read the book and come back to god… to believe in a deity. I suspect you (my father… whenever I say “you” in this text, it’s not you the reader) specifically mean the Abrahamic god, and again specifically, to return to your particular sect of Christianity.

There’s the first problem. If I read the book and am convinced that deities exist, why would I pick the…



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