What is the Cloud and How Can You Benefit from It?

AWS, Azure, Google Cloud… what do these mean for your business? Should you jump on the cloud train?

These ladies already know what the cloud is, but this dude thinks he’s found gold and is showing it to them for the first time. He may never know he was the last one to the party. Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash
  • Storage. The specifics will vary from provider to provider, but in general, you’ll get some type of object storage for documents, images, videos, and basically anything you could call a file on your own computer. Sometimes you get a bill for transferring files in or out, and then you also get charged some small amount per gigabyte stored.
  • Web hosting. You can say goodbye to GoDaddy, HostGator, and so on. With the right technical expertise, a cloud platform can also work just like a regular web server. You’ll have a lot more options, but if you don’t know what you’re doing you can easily run up a large bill.
  • Databases. Whether you use a licensed or open source database on a cloud server or you use a relational or non-relational database service, you’re covered with the cloud. There is a lot of database functionality to choose from.
  • Functionality ready and on-demand. If you know a little something about this, I’m not specifically referring to Lambda on AWS. I’ll need to go more in-depth into that later. I’m talking about machine learning systems ready to go (if you know what you’re doing). Cloud-based transcoding, which is useful for media and entertainment businesses. Internet of Things. Game server hosting for multiplayer gaming. Bulk email sending services.
  1. Only pay for what you use. If you only need to store one small file and retrieve it once per month for some odd reason, your bill is going to be pretty tiny. Instead of putting up a whole lot of cash upfront to lease or buy what you need, it’s just ready to go and you pay for how much you use. How this is billed varies from service to service, but the idea remains the same.
  2. A wide range of functionality and services ready to help you efficiently do business. At the time I’m writing this, AWS has 175 services. Google Cloud has over 100. Microsoft Azure has over 200. Each of these three is going to offer different versions of the same thing, and each is going to offer something unique to them (or in a unique-to-them way). There are solutions by industry and by use case, so there’s a little something for everybody.

Technology professional in Hollywood, so naturally I also make terrible short films and adventure videos. https://www.youtube.com/CalebRogers

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